Digital trading

Why using digital storages?

Our philosophy and vision in online trading is very simply. In today´s world, featuring high volatility, we try to make the prices of commodities public domain using online app, thus allowing our registered partners to view the prices calculated for the location of their store every 15 minutes and to trade directly in the Digital Storage app.  Hence, the users of the app have an overview of the prices in the relevant markets, so as to obtain better and more extensive information in this sector. In this way, we have achieved efficient and fast communication between us and our customers, thus increasing mutual satisfaction.

  • The app visualises current prices in the market
  • Update every 15 minutes
  • Simple overview of stock management

launch app Digitalni Sklady

  • Acceleration of the communication between the trader and you
  • Wide overview of the prices and development in the recent 30 days
  • Possibility of trading direct in the app

What is Grain Terminal?

GrainTerminal is a web app providing an easy link between the producing and processing entities in the cereal sector. This app can be used by registered companies, providing an easy tool for conclusion of transactons, rapid overview of prices and regular information about the world of agriculture.  In this way, the communication between the farmers and traders is faster and more efficient.